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Webspell RM Version 2.0.3 online

The Bootstrap Gaming CMS

Webspell RM Version 2.0.3 online
Today the long awaited Webspell RM Version 2.0.3 has finally been released. This version brings a number of bug fixes and improvements. The main focus was on the use of PHP 7.4 and that all future updates (CMS and plugins) can be done quickly and easily using our updater. If you are already using the Webspell RM 2.0.2 version, you can easily perform the update using the updater. For all others, the Webspell RM 2.0.3 full download is now available.

A list of the most important changes can be found here:
  • /system/settings.php > magic_quotes removed
  • /system/seo.php > implode fixed
  • /install/step3.php
    ∘ New view for Chmod
    ∘ Added folder check for themes
    ∘ Button check in the event of an error
  • /system/sqlsample.php added
  • /admin/overview.php > curl-exec added
  • / admin / page_statistic > Reading of existing table entries
  • / admin / visitor_statistic > Notice + read error fixed
  • /admin/users.php
    ∘ Redirect adjusted (users members)
    ∘ Added sav point for nickname
  • /language/de/admin/members.php> Variable "success" added
  • /admin/lock.php> Adaptation to PHP > 7.4
  • / admin / template-installer> check whether the file has been loaded
  • /admin/update.php
    ∘ Standard FTP port changed to 21
    ∘ Curl SSL adapted for PHP > 7.4
  • /admin/templates-installer.php
    ∘ Curl SSL adapted for PHP > 7.4
    ∘ Fixed image preview for SSL users (SSL / NON-SSL possible)
  • /admin/settings.php> Added choice for forum double post
  • /language/de/admin/settings.php
    ∘ Language elements for forum added
  • /modules/profil.php
    ∘ Variable check added for non-existent users
  • /admin/spam.php > Escape protection
  • /system/login.php > Escape protection
  • /rewrite.php> Escape protection
  • Change of copyright due to constant errors in all files (approx. 310 files)
  • / admin / settings_module > removed and integrated into the plugin manager (all plugins adapted)
  • / admin / settings_games > new game pic's

With the Webspell RM Starter Package you can quickly and easily create your own clan or multigaming website. There are addons and modifications specially created by Webspell RM for the individual adaptation and design of your Webspell RM installation.

Ilch CMS Version 2.1.38 online

Security Fix

This update, as well as many of the current versions of the modules, contain security updates. We recommend installing this quickly.
An update is recommended!
  • Fixed bug when rating comments
  • Hide "Social Media" in the user panel if no corresponding modules are installed.
  • A date validator has been added to the validator.
  • Security improvements

Downloads module (1.10.0)
  • Security improvements

Birthday module (1.4.0)
  • Fixed potential SQL injection gaps.
  • By default, only show birthdays for users.
  • Code improvements
  • Description updated.

Forum module (1.26.0)
  • Security improvements
  • Fixed a bug when saving the rank for the appearance of user groups.
  • Database queries in multiple views reduced.
  • Sort topics by newest post.
  • Fixed other bugs.

Gallery module (1.15.0)
  • Security improvements

Newsletter module (1.6.0)
  • Security improvements

Partner module (1.9.0)
  • Description updated.
  • Updated the URL of the standard entry (URL with HTTPS).

Survey module (1.9.0)
  • Code improvements
  • Description updated.

Events module (1.20.0)
  • Security improvements

War module (1.12.0)
  • Security improvements
  • Feedback geben
  • Verlauf
  • Gespeichert
  • Community

Free Overlay Maker App

Make your custom Twitch overlays!

Free Overlay Maker App
Create your own overlay with the Overlay Maker App from nerdordie.com. It works with OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook, and many more. Export directly to PNG. Use the Overlay Maker App to make your own custom overlay for Twitch, BeamPro, HitBox...

You can use this app to create an overlay image that you can use with your Twitch stream. Use the options, inputs, and text fields to make your overlay how you like it.

Nerd or Die, founded in 2011, first began working in the live streaming industry in October 2014 with a YouTube and web tutorials series covering OBS and streaming on Twitch. Since then, there was no looking back. We’ve let our passion for streaming, and gaming as a whole, guide us to where we are today. Over the next few years we focused on providing quality free resources such as a Twitch panel maker and free Twitch overlays and alerts. Naturally, this evolved into a premium overlay and alert shop and streaming resource hub.

Contentify the gaming CMS

Are you ready for a next-gen CMS?

Contentify the gaming CMS

Contentify is an esports CMS based on the PHP framework Laravel 7. Currently Version 3 is available.

  • Modules: 37 modules and counting: User management, matches, teams, forums, and many more. Every module you need.
  • Open Source: Contentify is free, because it is open source. It is hosted on GitHub and everyone can contribute to its source code.
  • Made For Pros: This CMS is developed with performance requirements in mind. We offer a solution for high expectations.
  • Documentation: It comes with documentation and support. You will be able to extend it and to create new modules.
  • Modern Code: Contentify is built with the popular Laravel 5 framework. There is not better guarantee for modern code.
  • Mobile Devices: This CMS is ready for mobile devices. Create fully responsive websites and enjoy the responsive admin panel.
  • Interface Languages: Ready for multi language support. Six languages are already available.
  • Your Style: Built with Bootstrap and LESS. For powerful user interface design.
  • Customisation: Customise everything. For example, change the colors of the backend so they match your brand colors.
  • Security: We take security seriously. Even AJAX calls are automatically secured against CSRF attacks.
  • Blazing fast: Caching makes it fast - especially when running heavily frequented websites.
  • Form Generator: Create your table. Then let Contentify create the HTML form. Automagically.
  • Model Handler: Do not waste time creating CRUD methods. Let Contentify's model handler do the work.
  • Enhanced Editor: CKEditor is built-in with three additional plugins: Flags, images and text templates.
  • Et Cetera: jQuery, RSS, Open Graph, BBCode, emojis, widgets, content filters...

Webspell is back

The Bootstrap Gaming CMS

Webspell is back
The popular Webspell CMS has been completely revised and offers countless new features such as:
  • Bootstrap 4 framework
  • CKEditor integrated
  • Mobile ready
  • Plugin installer
  • Template installer
  • Multilingual (DE | ENG | ITA | PL)
  • Spam protection
  • Membership management
  • Static pages
  • GDPR compliant
  • Own themes
  • New administration

With the Webspell RM Starter Package you can quickly and easily create your own clan or multigaming website. There are addons and modifications specially created by Webspell RM for the individual adaptation and design of your Webspell RM installation.

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