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Webspell is back

The Bootstrap Gaming CMS

Webspell is back
The popular Webspell CMS has been completely revised and offers countless new features such as:
  • Bootstrap 4 framework
  • CKEditor integrated
  • Mobile ready
  • Plugin installer
  • Template installer
  • Multilingual (DE | ENG | ITA | PL)
  • Spam protection
  • Membership management
  • Static pages
  • GDPR compliant
  • Own themes
  • New administration

With the Webspell RM Starter Package you can quickly and easily create your own clan or multigaming website. There are addons and modifications specially created by Webspell RM for the individual adaptation and design of your Webspell RM installation.

ePRO3 - Premium Pack online

ePRO3 CMS + and all themes

ePRO3 - Premium Pack online
Can't get enough? Get everything! The package includes the CMS + all themes. You will also receive the copyright-free version. With the option Webspace Mini you get webspace + desired domain & installation with it on top. There are currently 15 themes available. As new themes are added, the price changes. But if you already own the pack, you don't have pay again and can take the new themes for free.

All themes in this Premium Pack:
  • Tryhard Theme
  • Killer Theme
  • Predator Theme
  • Unreal Theme
  • Rivalry Theme
  • Monster Theme
  • Phantom Theme
  • Unstoppable Theme
  • Firestrike Theme
  • Falling Theme
  • Xline Theme
  • NEW Impressive Theme
  • NEW Good Game Theme
  • NEW Legacy Theme

Release Notes: ePRO3 CMS Php 7.4 Support, Updates over Dashboard, Dark & Lightmode, Activity Feed, Shop & Cart System, Message System, Easy Drag & Drop User to Teams, 1 click Template change, Chat System, Point System, Full Forum System, Lifetime Update...

Ilch CMS Version 2.1.35 online

Security Fix

A security hole has been closed with PHPMailer 6.1.6. Read full changelog below!
An update is recommended!
Ilch CMS:
  • When installing Ilch, check whether the mysqli extension is activated before trying to connect to the database
  • Do not insert a link without link text in the online statistics under "Is currently on"
  • The log in the admin center has now been given a simple filter function with which you can display a selected period (by default, a filter is active for the last seven days)
  • Required database queries for the log reduced
  • PHPMailer updated to version 6.1.6
  • jQuery File Upload updated to version 10.29.0
Forum module: (version 1.24.0)
  • Fixed an installation bug that occurred in newer versions of MySQL / MariaDB
Calendar module: (version 1.6.0)
  • FullCalendar updated to version 3.10.2
Comment module: (system module)
  • There is now a configuration option for the number of entries in the "Last Comments" box

How to create an Ilch modul?

Step by step tutorial from RTX2070

How to create an Ilch modul?
In a small video series (currently: 17 Youtube videos), derphpler.de would like to create a module for the Ilch CMS with you. His videos should give you a basic introduction (not professional). He is still a beginner himself and has only been concerned with programming for a few weeks. The perfect Ilch video series from beginners to beginners! Finde here the whole tutorials: Ilch module tutorials. Thank you RTX2070 for these great tutorials!

These 18 guides are currently available here:
  • Part #01 - Introduction
  • Part #02 - Directories and files
  • Part #03 - Create information module
  • Part #04 - Database module create / delete tables
  • Part #05 - Review
  • Part #06 - Controller, actions &and views
  • Part #07 - Mapper
  • Part #08 - Interaction of mapper, model, controller and views
  • Part #09 - Model class for our module
  • Part #10 - Mapper class for our module
  • Part #11 - Review
  • Part #12 - Adjust the frontend index view
  • Part #13 - Customize View! Module CSS & Translation
  • Part #14 - Create the admin center module menu
  • Part #15 - Admin IndexController
  • Part #16 - Admin IndexView
  • Part #17 - Admincenter - Delete selected records
  • Part #18 - AdminController - DeleteAction

ePRO3 Update 3.2.3 online

ePRO3 Update

The new ePRO3 Update with Version 3.2.3 is online and available for download.
  • Update activity font size
  • Add line to website_settings
  • Chat fix date positions
  • Delete news share on dashboard
  • Fix twitch streams in dashboard

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