Contentify v3.0 online

This is the release of version 3.0

Contentify v3.0 online and ready for download.

Important Notes:

  • PHP >= 7.0 is required!
  • We recommend to manually delete all client sessions. Do so by deleting all files in the directory
  • If you use AWS S3 and set the configuration via environment keys, note that their names have been changed
    ( see diff ).


  • Added translations for Portugues and Italian (incomplete)
  • The global sort_switcher helper function has been removed. You may use the HTML::sortSwitcher() method instead.
  • News entries are now allowed to have an individual image. If no image has been set, the image of the news category will be displayed instead.
  • Teams may now have two images, a logo (usually a square image) and a banner (a rectangle image)
  • You have now more control over enabling/disabling comments
  • Laravel has been updated from v5.4 to 5.5
  • Events have been added - if you think an event is missing, please let us know!
  • There is a new install console command to install Contentify without using the web interface (which is still possible though)
  • When uploaded in the backend, files will now have a random name so they cannot be detected by a bot
  • Fixed a bug in the database backup job - it will no longer try to create a backup every minute
  • A lot of refactoring has been done
  • Docker update
  • PSR-2 code formatting; done programmatically
  • A lot of changes have been made at places other than the code, for example the got an update and the Tavis-CI file has been modified

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