Webspell RM Version 2.0.3 online

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Webspell RM Version 2.0.3 online
Today the long awaited Webspell RM Version 2.0.3 has finally been released. This version brings a number of bug fixes and improvements. The main focus was on the use of PHP 7.4 and that all future updates (CMS and plugins) can be done quickly and easily using our updater. If you are already using the Webspell RM 2.0.2 version, you can easily perform the update using the updater. For all others, the Webspell RM 2.0.3 full download is now available.

A list of the most important changes can be found here:
  • /system/settings.php > magic_quotes removed
  • /system/seo.php > implode fixed
  • /install/step3.php
    ∘ New view for Chmod
    ∘ Added folder check for themes
    ∘ Button check in the event of an error
  • /system/sqlsample.php added
  • /admin/overview.php > curl-exec added
  • / admin / page_statistic > Reading of existing table entries
  • / admin / visitor_statistic > Notice + read error fixed
  • /admin/users.php
    ∘ Redirect adjusted (users members)
    ∘ Added sav point for nickname
  • /language/de/admin/members.php> Variable "success" added
  • /admin/lock.php> Adaptation to PHP > 7.4
  • / admin / template-installer> check whether the file has been loaded
  • /admin/update.php
    ∘ Standard FTP port changed to 21
    ∘ Curl SSL adapted for PHP > 7.4
  • /admin/templates-installer.php
    ∘ Curl SSL adapted for PHP > 7.4
    ∘ Fixed image preview for SSL users (SSL / NON-SSL possible)
  • /admin/settings.php> Added choice for forum double post
  • /language/de/admin/settings.php
    ∘ Language elements for forum added
  • /modules/profil.php
    ∘ Variable check added for non-existent users
  • /admin/spam.php > Escape protection
  • /system/login.php > Escape protection
  • /rewrite.php> Escape protection
  • Change of copyright due to constant errors in all files (approx. 310 files)
  • / admin / settings_module > removed and integrated into the plugin manager (all plugins adapted)
  • / admin / settings_games > new game pic's

With the Webspell RM Starter Package you can quickly and easily create your own clan or multigaming website. There are addons and modifications specially created by Webspell RM for the individual adaptation and design of your Webspell RM installation.

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