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This Project is focused on developing and supporting an OpenSource Web-CMS for clans, guilds and other groups. It is also a discussion platform for its customers and a community to share modifications and extensions. The Project-Team is build up on hobby enthusiasts for planning, programming and design related topics. Our goal is to provide the best esport-related Web-CMS available for free and to keep its usage as simple as possible.

ClanSphere is written in PHP while it supports multiple database backends and webserver environments. With support for language switching (English and German already included), themes, templates, caching and a modular architecture it's maybe the most advanced Web-CMS for this audience. Following the "batteries included" philosophy ClanSphere currently consists of over 60 modules that will cover most of your needs. You may check our features page or demo to get a more detailed overview. It also cares alot about debugging and showing whats going on with a full featured debug mode plus execution details.

Give it a try and play around with ClanSphere.



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