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LANSuite is a Content Management System designed primarily for the needs of LAN-Parties.

LANSuite has features like:

  • Registration for parties Announce a new LAN-Party and enable people to sign up with a direct payment flow and several follow up actions like Clan creation and more.
  • Seat plans Define a seating plan with several rooms and areas and let LAN Party attendees choose their seat in advance. This enables clans to sit together to facilitate better team play.
  • Organisation of tournaments Manage tournaments for multiple games with different modes like single- and double-elimination, league or group games with KO strategy.
  • Projector support Show the latest content like news messages, the current state of a tournament or a timetable at a wall via the projector mode during the party to inform attendees.
  • Cash- and Money management Manage the cash flow of your organization team and don't lose the overview.
  • News system Announce updates and inform all party guests about the latest news with a simple to use news system.
  • Many more... Other features like a picture gallery, a hall of fame and more are included. Give LANSuite a try, install and test it.



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