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Contentify 2.6 is now ready

1 year 4 weeks ago - 1 year 4 weeks ago #3719 by Gamer-Templates
Contentify 2.6 is now ready was created by Gamer-Templates
A new release is waiting for you: Contentify V2.6 is out now! v2.6 will be the last big release for the 2.x series. Afterwards the focus of development will switch to 3.0. This does not mean there won't be any updates for 2.x. If it makes sense there might be a 2.6.1 release. However, v2.6 marks the end of an area, the end of the somehow old-schoolish Contentify.

Download now  the latest version of Contentify! Changelog V2.6:
  • Added data privacy / GDPR support - activate it in the config! Visitors will then see a hint on the website that they have to accept.
  • Added polls module which also includes a widget. Take a look at the
    in the modules folder to learn more.
  • Added meta information (author, description and keywords) to the website settings (thanks to kamohy!)
  • Added config fields for custom LESS and JavaScript code
  • Display info text if a website is empty, because it does not have any content yet
  • Added short biography config value and widget @widget('Pages::ShortBiography)
  • Downloads & galleries now have a "published" attribute
  • Events and downloads can be internal
  • Created comments admin backend page ( )
  • Added social links attribute fields to partners (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)
  • Added discord user profile attribute
  • Allow BBCode in user (forum) signatures
  • Added experimental support for SVG files - most likely incomplete yet so use with care!
  • When installing Contentify and setting up the database, show an animated icon (spinner)
  • Show warning in the admin dashboard if little free disk space is left
  • Spanish language is now available (finally!)
  • Updating FontAwesome from 5.0.1 to 5.4.2
  • Fixed bugs
Download now  the latest version of Contentify!

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