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e107 v2.2.1 Bootstrap CMS online

2 months 4 weeks ago - 2 months 4 weeks ago #3793 by Gamer-Templates
e107 v2.2.1 Bootstrap CMS online was created by Gamer-Templates
More fixes and improvements

After the release of 2.2.0, we have been working on crushing some bugs that did have some impact on functionality. We have therefore decided to release 2.2.1 sooner rather than later, and recommend everyone to update.

Please note that the 2.2.0 release was a major release with some important notes. Please refer to the previous post for more information on that release, including an overview of numerous great new features which were added!

New features:
  • Added new News shortcode {NEWS_AUTHOR_EUF} to retrieve Extended User Fields (e.g. {NEWS_AUTHOR_EUF: field=biography})
Fixes & Improvements:
  • Fixed a database check/update issue that occurred when the database name contains a hyphen (-) (#3800)
  • Fixed an issue with the Menu Manager preview not loading in some cases (#3815)
  • Fixed frontpage button link to Admin Area (#3775)
  • Fixed an issue with inserting a new custom page when using PHP 7.3 (#3812)
  • Added tablerender id to error pages (#3801)
  • Fixed an issue with (un)seralization (#2990)
  • Fixed comment author avatar not showing correctly in comment form (#3813)
  • Fixed issue in Download plugin with batch userclass options
  • Fixed issue in Forum plugin with forum mderator userclass recognition (#3814), with the Userlist shortcode links
    (#3809), and added placeholder option in {SEARCH} shortcode
  • Several Forum template optimizations for Bootstrap 4 (#2969)
  • Several PHP 7.3 compatibility improvements
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