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Prob. Mit Install

  • Mufflon12
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13 years 1 month ago - 13 years 1 month ago #1467 by Mufflon12
Hi zusammen

Ich bin recht neu in der Scene hompage usw

Also hab ich mir gedacht ich nehm joomla

Ich hab mir die version 1.0.15 Stable Gelaaden
Wenn ich jetzt Insallen will, komm ich nur bis zu reingaabe meiner Mysql daaten dann kommt

Warning: require_once() [function.require-once]: Unable to access ../includes/database.php in /srv/www/httpd/phost/b/de/pytalhost/bloody-azzinoth/web/installation/install2.php on line 19

Warning: require_once(../includes/database.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /srv/www/httpd/phost/b/de/pytalhost/bloody-azzinoth/web/installation/install2.php on line 19

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '../includes/database.php' (include_path='.:/srv/www/httpd/phost/b/de/pytalhost/bloody-azzinoth/web') in /srv/www/httpd/phost/b/de/pytalhost/bloody-azzinoth/web/installation/install2.php on line 19

Mein Vorabchek schaut so aus

Joomla! 1.0.15 Stable [ Daytime ] 22 February 2008 23:00 UTC
Required Settings Check:

If any of these items are highlighted in red then please take actions to correct them.

Failure to do so could lead to your Joomla! installation not functioning correctly.
PHP version >= 4.1.0 Yes
- zlib compression support Available
- XML support Available
- MySQL support Unavailable
configuration.php Writeable
Session save path Writeable
Recommended Settings Check:

These settings are recommended for PHP in order to ensure full compatibility with Joomla!.

However, Joomla! will still operate if your settings do not quite match the recommended
Directive Recommended Actual
Safe Mode: OFF: ON
Display Errors: ON: ON
File Uploads: ON: ON
Magic Quotes GPC: ON: ON
Magic Quotes Runtime: OFF: OFF
Register Globals: OFF: OFF
Output Buffering: OFF: OFF
Session auto start: OFF: OFF
Directory and File Permissions Check:

In order for Joomla! to function correctly it needs to be able to access or write to certain files or directories.

If you see "Unwriteable" you need to change the permissions on the file or directory to allow Joomla! to write to it.

administrator/backups/ Writeable
administrator/components/ Writeable
administrator/modules/ Writeable
administrator/templates/ Writeable
cache/ Writeable
components/ Writeable
images/ Writeable
images/banners/ Writeable
images/stories/ Writeable
language/ Writeable
mambots/ Writeable
mambots/content/ Writeable
mambots/editors/ Writeable
mambots/editors-xtd/ Writeable
mambots/search/ Writeable
mambots/system/ Writeable
media/ Writeable
modules/ Writeable
templates/ Writeable

PS: Mein Hoster ist pytallhost

EDIT: hab alle noch mal neu geuppt und bin zumindest mal auf eine leere seite gekommen, die fehler sind weg aber eine leere seite hilft mir auch nicht
13 years 1 month ago #1468 by Gamer-Templates

Pytalhost ist nicht grade als Joomla! freundlicher Freehoster bekannt^^

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  • Mufflon12
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13 years 1 month ago #1473 by Mufflon12
Erstma danke für deine Antwort .... welchen hoster kanst du mir empfehlen ??

pytalhost hatt halt keine werbung und lässt sich auf eine subdomain legen
13 years 1 month ago #1474 by Gamer-Templates
Einen Joomla! optimierten Hoster. Kostet aber ab 1,45€ im Monat (die man für eine gute Internetpräsentation schon übrig haben sollte vorallem wenn man Joomla! nutzen will)

Zum Beispiel den:

schwarzkünstler (Basic S)


Merke: Joomla! und FREE das geht auf dauer NIE^^

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  • Mufflon12
  • Mufflon12's Avatar Topic Author
13 years 1 month ago #1475 by Mufflon12
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