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Addon Translation and Template Template Design

11 years 5 months ago #1477 by krraify

My name is Spunk, I live in the Netherlands and since some time I'm translation the german webspell addons into english.

Why I'm doing this?
- Simply, because germans are not the only people who use webspell, and it is quite hard to use the german addons if you ain't a german. So that's why I'm translation addons.

How can I download the translated addons?
- Just go to our site: and you can download it. You don't have to register, so it won't be hard to download.

Where do I download the german addons?
- From the most popular sites. I leave the credits and the site of the makers from the addon on my file description, so it's referring to the makers of the addon.

I'm want webspell to be for everybody, so I recommend german coders to do their next work in english, instead of german.

Admin: Spunk



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