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Problem mit eQ Sports Template

11 years 7 months ago - 11 years 7 months ago #1568 by Gamer-Templates
Erstmal SOOOORY ich habe an ein anderes Template gedacht. Das gibt es natürlich als FREE TEPLATE hier (wie du ja schon gefunden hast)

Den PUNKT GAMESERVER gibt es so nicht in webSPELL. Das ist ein Platzhalter.

Was du alles in dein Template einfügen kannst von webSPELL aus ist:

Display the URL of your homepage:
<? echo $hp_url ?>

Display your clans name:
<? echo $myclanname ?>

Include the site search:
<? include("quicksearch.php"); ?>

Include the poll:
<? include("poll.php"); ?>

Show the picture of the moment:
<? include("sc_potm.php"); ?>

Show a random picture:
<? include("sc_randompic.php"); ?>

Show latest articles:
<? include("sc_articles.php"); ?>

Show latest downloads:
<? include("sc_files.php"); ?>

Show latest forum topics:
<? include("latesttopics.php"); ?>

Display partner buttons:
<? include("partners.php"); ?>

Show a scrolling text line:
<? include("sc_scrolltext.php"); ?>

Show advertising banner system (min. size: 468x60px):
<? include("sc_bannerrotation.php"); ?>

Show latest matches:
<? include("sc_results.php"); ?>

Show demos:
<? include("sc_demos.php"); ?>

Show top news:
<? include("sc_topnews.php"); ?>

Show latest news:
<? include("sc_headlines.php"); ?>

Display upcoming events:
<? include("sc_upcoming.php"); ?>

Include Shoutbox:
<? include("shoutbox.php"); ?>

Display page statistics:
<? include("counter.php"); ?>

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