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[Fixed] Item #3006 Support

  • Ales
  • Ales's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 1 month ago - 10 years 7 months ago #1926 by Ales
Hi everyone,

few days ago I bought the template #3006 for webspell, and I encountered some problems.

Even if the language installed in my CMS is English, in some parts there're german sentences like:

(see the yellow marks. I can't find the code-parts where these sentences are inserted)

I can't either figure out how to use the squad overview feature (green mark).

I've then a question about the shoutbox. I can't find anywhere the link, and I would like to know how it's possible to insert it at the right (see image, purple mark), replacing the "Board part"

Last, I have some visualization problems with the shoutbox itself. If I go to the url "mywebsite/index.php?site=shoutbox_content&action=showall" that's what I see:

Is there anyway to fix the layout problem ?

Besides this fourlittle problems, the template is perfect, absolutely, great job.

Thanks for everything
Best Regards

  • LoW-SolidSnake
  • LoW-SolidSnake's Avatar
11 years 1 month ago #1927 by LoW-SolidSnake
didnt know the template so maybe im wrong but for "Gut,das du dich wieder eingeloggt hast!" look inside the logged.html in the templates folder....
and "Willkommen auf" take an look in the index.php and search for it.

And the shoutbox look in shoutbox_all_content.html and change
<div style="width: 545px; overflow: hidden;">$message</div>
<div style="width: 100%; overflow: hidden;">$message</div>

and for the squads i cant help have to wait for an answer from Admin
  • Ales
  • Ales's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 1 month ago #1928 by Ales
Thanks for the advices SolidSnake.

I just have one more question, which I'm sure you can answer :) .

How can I replace the board in the right menu with the shoutbox ? I mean, which part of code I've to change in the index.php ?




P.s.: I didn't find the "wilkommen ... " part in the index. Is there any program which automatically open and browse "character strings" inside html and php files ?

And thanks again :)
  • Ales
  • Ales's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 4 weeks ago #1934 by Ales
Thanks again SolidSnake, I corrected what you told me, and I managed to fix the shoutbox in the right menu by myself.

Now there's just a problem left (and it doesn't depend to the files I modified):

As you can see, the news-layout is kind of weird, and the news list doesn't fit well.

How can I solve that ?

Best Regards
  • LoW-SolidSnake
  • LoW-SolidSnake's Avatar
11 years 4 weeks ago #1935 by LoW-SolidSnake
Admincenter -> Settings -> max.length headlines
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