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Install WebSPELL!

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11 years 1 month ago #2045 by Gamer-Templates

1. Requirements
2. Get WebSpell
3. Upload WebSpell to your webspace
4. Setting the correct file/folder rights
5. Do the WebSpell install
6. Cleaning up


1. Requirements

* Webspace with PHP and mySQL support
* WinRAR to extract the downloaded WebSpell release ---> get it here
* A FTP program to upload the WebSpell files to your webspace - i recommend SmartFTP

2. Get webSPELL

* Go to and download the latest webSPELL release.
* Use the above downloaded WinRAR to extract the downloaded webSPELL archive.

3. Upload webSPELL to your webspace

* Start your above downloaded FTP programm
* Connect with this FTP program to your webspace FTP server
* Upload ALL the extracted WebSpell files to your webspace

4. Setting the correct file/folder rights

webSPELL needs special access rights on some files and folders. You are able to set this rights with the FTP
program. For doing this make a right click in the FTP program on the desired files or folders, look for
Properties/CHMOD and click it. There you have to set the permissions for all following files and folders to 777:

* demos/
* downloads/
* images/articles-pics
* images/avatars
* images/banner
* images/bannerrotation
* images/clanwar-screens
* images/flags
* images/gallery/large
* images/gallery/thumb
* images/games
* images/icons/ranks
* images/links
* images/linkus
* images/news-pics
* images/news-rubrics
* images/partners
* images/smileys
* images/sponsors
* images/squadicons
* images/userpics
* _mysql.php
* _stylesheet.css
* tmp/

5. Do the WebSpell install

* Open your webbrowser
* Enter the path to the webspell install folder http://YOURWEBSPACE/install (substitute YOURWEBSPACE with the correct path where you have uploaded WebSpell)
* Follow the installation steps and enter the correct data

6. Cleaning up

* Reset the access rights of _mysql.php back to 644 with the FTP program
* Delete the complete install/ folder from your webspace with the FTP program
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