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Blank Page only!

9 years 7 months ago #2048 by Gamer-Templates
Blank Page only! was created by Gamer-Templates
1. Missing template files

First you should check, if the relevant template files are available/uploaded at your webspace. For example when you try to access index.php?site=articles and you see a broken page or blank page your articles template files might be missing (check in the folder \"templates\" for the files called articles.html, articles_content.html, articles_edit.html ...).

2. PHP errors

The default error reporting setting of PHP is suppressed by webSPELL cause output of errors might tell details about the servers configuration and the coding to others. If a PHP error occurs now the script simply halts without any error ouput which leads to a partly displayed or blank page. To fix the problem you need first to activate the error reporting again to get the real error displayed. Open the _settings.php with a simple text editor and do the following:

_settings.php, search for:
replace with:
Now reaccess the broken page and you will see the PHP error output. If you cannot figure out the solution yourself now feel free to contact our support via the forum or the irc chat providing a link to your page and the error message.
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