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Make my own Society Edition template!

9 years 7 months ago #2049 by Gamer-Templates
Make my own Society Edition template! was created by Gamer-Templates
1 Requirements

* a full working webSPELL Society Edition installation
* a HTML web template
* some basic HTML knowledge, if you dont know anything about HTML stop here and continue there.
* a text editor to edit your template
* a FTP program to upload your files

2 Including basic required stuff

First you have to include some basic stuff like the mySQL access data file, the settings and the functions file and the index language initialization into the index file of your web template (name your index file index.php). To do this enter the following code just over the html tag in your index.php:
$index_language = $_language->module;
Now we are adding the variable for the page title which will be displayed at the top of your visitors browser window, put the following line between the title tags:
<?php echo PAGETITLE; ?>
Right after the closing title tag you have to insert these lines, first line is the stylesheet file for WebSpell, second line is for webSPELL's javascript functions:
<link href="_stylesheet.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<script src="js/bbcode.js" language="jscript" type="text/javascript"></script>
3 Including the main content area

Now you have to include the core content part of the webSPELL Society Edition system, this is why we requested some basic HTML knowledge in the requirements cause every template is build different and you have to find the correct place for the following code yourself in your HTML code. Put it where the main content should belong in your template:
if((!isset($site)) || $site==) $site="news";
$checkmodul=safe_query("SELECT `activated`, `access` FROM ".PREFIX."modules WHERE `filename`='".$site.".php'");
    if(hasaccess($modulrow['access'], $useraccessgroups)){
      $invalide = array('\\','/','/\/',':','.');
      $site = str_replace($invalide,' ',$site);
      if(!file_exists($site.".php")) $site = "news";
      echo '
    echo '
  echo '
4 Including the navigation

In contrast to the esports webspell version, the society edition has a fully admincenter controllable navigation, so it is essential to use the society editions navigation file if you want to control your site's navigation via the admincenter:
<?php include("navigation.php"); ?>
5 Including optional modules & more

Again a big contrast to the esports webspell version, no need for special includes anymore. You just add placeholders for the new special boxmodule system whereever you want in your index.php. Content of the placesholders is afterwards fully managable via the admincenter. You can add as many placeholders as you want, just always raise the numbering:
<?php boxinclude(1); ?>
<?php boxinclude(2); ?>
<?php boxinclude(3); ?>
6 Applying your template to the installed webspell

Now upload your own template files via FTP to the webSPELL root directory (dont forget the graphics!) and be happy with your fresh webSPELL adapted page!

Now it is time to start to modify all the files in the folder "templates" to your needs, to have your complete pages look like you want it to be.
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