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Team orange 2009 two problems chrome&query failed

  • templates-directory_lover
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9 years 8 months ago #2624 by templates-directory_lover
Ohhh thanks all! Its working now but is there any way to make "Sponsors" button appear when there adblock on with filters?

And a second question - how to make "Advertisement" block dissapear from page?
  • LoW-SolidSnake
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9 years 8 months ago #2625 by LoW-SolidSnake
open index.php and replace
<li id="sponsors"><a href="index.php?site=sponsors">Sponsors</a></li>


<li id="sp0ns0rs"><a href="index.php?site=sponsors">Sponsors</a></li>

and page.css
#sponsors { background:url(styles/navi/sponsors.jpg); width:101px; height:38px; margin:0 36px 0 0!important; }
#sponsors:hover { background:url(styles/navi/sponsorsh.jpg); width:101px; height:38px; }


#sp0ns0rs { background:url(styles/navi/sp0ns0rs.jpg); width:101px; height:38px; margin:0 36px 0 0!important; }
#sp0ns0rs:hover { background:url(styles/navi/sp0ns0rsh.jpg); width:101px; height:38px; }
after that rename the
sponsors.jpg | sp0ns0rs.jpg
sponsorsh.jpg | sp0ns0rsh.jpg

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