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Steam News Widget for Wordpress

3 years 10 months ago #3360 by Gamer-Templates
Steam News Widget for Wordpress was created by Gamer-Templates
The plugin adds a widget that shows news for selected games.

Steam News Download: DOWNLOAD HERE

Configuration Options
  • Steam Game IDs: Games are referenced by their steam app id. Just enter a comma-separated list of app ids, like "440, 570, 730" (without quotes). You can find the full list of steam app ids at .
  • Maximum Number of News: The maximum number of news to show.
  • News Length: It limits the length of shown news.
  • HTML Template: Allows you to define HTML layout of the widget in a way you like. The news data can be extracted with special tags {{some_news.some_property}}. Just put those in a right place. The plugin will replace them with actual data. To iterate through all fetched news use <foreach> tag, e.g. <foreach iterator="{{news}}" in="{{newslist}}">{{news.text}}</foreach>, where {{newslist}} is a predefined value and it points to the news set.
Each news has following properties:
  • title, e.g. {{news.title}}.
  • url, e.g. {{news.url}}.
  • text, e.g. {{news.text}}.
  • date, e.g {{}}.
  • time, e.g. {{news.time}}.
Other Notes
  • The date/time format as well as the timezone of the news match the ones from WordPress "General Settings".
  • The widget's content is updated about every hour.
  • The plugin requires PHP 5.3.3 or higher.
  • A special requirement from the data provider: Each page that uses the Steam Web API must contain a link to with the text "Powered by Steam". We suggest that you put this link in your footer so it is out of the way but still visible to interested users.

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