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Do you Pixwoo?

3 years 1 month ago #3432 by Gamer-Templates
Do you Pixwoo? was created by Gamer-Templates
The Gamer's Hub
Pixwoo aggregates and consolidates everything you like around video games. It’s personalized to each individual user.

A unique community
Pixwoo is driven by passion and sharing. From casual to hardcore gamers, everybody can discuss and share their experiences, give their opinion, publish scores, post photos and videos,…

Join Pixwoo, the social app for video gamers

Rich & Intuitive
Pixwoo enables the creation and management of ‘’group’’ pages around specific gaming topics. It also allows the creation and use of ‘’game’’ pages for sharing experiences, best scores, screenshots and videos.

Exclusive features
Create your profile pages with favorite video games, gaming platforms,…
Create personalized channel of ‘’my favorite gaming videos’’.
Define your Pixwoo DNA.

Join Pixwoo, the social app for video gamers

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