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Metin2Global Logo Speedart Video

2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #3454 by Gamer-Templates
Metin2Global Logo Speedart Video was created by Gamer-Templates
This is a PSD speedart video to make a Metin2Global Logo.


What is Metin2? It is an oriental Action MMORPG For a long time now the Dragon God's breath has watched over the kingdoms of Shinsoo, Chunjo and Jinno. But this fascinating world of magic is facing a terrifying threat: The impact of the Metin Stones has not only torn wounds into the entire continent, but has also caused chaos and destruction throughout the land and its inhabitants. War has broken out between the kingdoms, wild animals have transformed into raging beasts and the dead have come back to life as blood-thirsty creatures. Fight the dark influence of the Metin Stones as one of the Dragon God's allies. Gather all your strength and seize your weapons to save your kingdom from a future filled with fear, suffering and destruction!

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