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6 months 15 hours ago #3631 by Ocelot was created by Ocelot
Hello, I have a question .. does anyone know if is closed or is the closing temporary? , since I can not access the web tells me;

The page is currently locked, please try again later!

Sehr geehrter Besucher / User Die Seite ! Kurze Arbeit. Mit freundlichen Grüßen - das Gamer-Templates Team

Since I like 2 templates of that web and I do not know how to get them ..

And I'm sorry if an Admin of has bothered.
6 months 15 hours ago - 6 months 15 hours ago #3632 by Gamer-Templates
Replied by Gamer-Templates on topic
Hi Ocelot, where do you come from? In germany we have new data protection regulation for websites. (see my message in the right/bottom corner).

Now the old websites going down because they do not feel like adapting. Or they do not know exactly how to implement the new regulation.

Whether they stay offline i can't tell you unfortunately.

There you have to wait!

This sites are offline at the moment:

and so on...

No support via e-mail!
6 months 14 hours ago #3633 by Ocelot
Replied by Ocelot on topic
I come to spain .. Thanks for help and sorry for inconvenience, is that I want web templates that have that web and it's a pity that I can not get them..,fehler61XUJ.jpg

I hope they will be operational again soon ..

Can you recommend a similar template? plz..
6 months 12 hours ago #3634 by Gamer-Templates
Replied by Gamer-Templates on topic
Your link do not work ;)

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5 months 4 weeks ago #3635 by Ocelot