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Web Spell instalation

3 weeks 1 day ago #3556 by olos
okay i used web spell 4.2.5 master
its web spell nor last update?
webspell nor is under development?
3 weeks 23 hours ago - 3 weeks 19 hours ago #3557 by Gamer-Templates

okay i used web spell 4.2.5 master

This version is very old and you can have problems on modern servers.

its web spell nor last update?

It is a further development of webspell with Responsive features and Bootstrap Templates.
Please try to install NOR on your server.

webspell nor is under development?

Yes but it works. It is a new team of young people. The new Version 1.2.5 is about to be published

Webspell NOR 1.2.5 has just been released. New Webspell NOR Version 1.2.5 ready to download! - DOWNLOAD NOW

Why do you want to use Webspell? There are more better CMS for Clans. What do you want to create?

For example:

Ilch is one of the oldest active cms systems.The latest update is from: 13 Januar 2018. See DEMO HERE .

Contentify is a free CMS with many features. See DEMO HERE .

Neofrag is in ALPHA STATUS but it works fine. Only drawback: Everything in french. You have to translate your site by yourself. But the new version also includes English and other languages. See DEMO HERE .

You can find templates for all CMSystems here: Gamer Templates Directory

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3 weeks 2 hours ago #3559 by olos
I do not know what you would suggest to me like this?
I want to use some cms for the gaming community, but it's important that it's multilingual and possibly I would integrate it with phpbb3.2, because I have a huge database where users are, topics of the topic and everything else is in that database.
I doubt the contentify cms and between the webspell nor and between neo frag cms
but I do not know how I could have a whole naivagation and everything in French to translate into English?
for webspell nor does it suit styles from previous versions of webspell?
2 weeks 6 days ago #3560 by Gamer-Templates

I do not know what you would suggest to me like this?

OK you use phpbb3 and want to use a gaming cms. Than you have a look first if there a bridge for your forum software.

With Joomla (like this site) you can build a big community with many languages and using phpbb. Only what you need ist this: p8pbb bridge . The advantage: Full-featured bi-directional integration of phpBB 3 forum with Joomla! CMS. SEE DEMO FIRST - phpbb3 in a Joomla site.

In other CMS you can insert your forum witn a "Wrapper / iFrame". But that is not very nice.

In that case, I would even advise against the other cms.

To build an gaming website with Joomla! is very easy. There are so many templates and addons. And a very big community.

Alternatively, you can also take wordpress. There are many phpbb plugins too: Wordpress Plugin Tag: phpbb

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